Fighting Buddha: A Story of Martial Arts, Buddhism…

Saturday, December 10th, 2016 - eBook

Combating Buddha is a memoir that information a forty calendar year journey in martial arts and meditation education, and twenty five many years of Buddhist exercise. Working with autobiographical anecdotes, alongside with martial artwork fighting methods, Buddhist people tales, and koan and sutra teachings, it explores the two the benefits and detriments of every exercise, as effectively as how they complement every other as a singular exercise. The standard premise of the ebook proposes that martial arts approach carried out in the managed setting of the Dojo, and meditative ordeals dependent on the setting of the Zendo will never have an suitable software unless properly trained, practiced, and analyzed below true conditions. For the martial artist, this prompts the dilemma of no matter whether classic education in the Dojo can actually be used in a true scenario, and for the Buddhist practitioner, no matter whether the rituals, scholarly analyze and meditative practical experience of the Zendo can translate into skillful motion outdoors of it. These thoughts are a continual theme all through a dialogue that addresses the struggles of beginning education and exercise, the significance of pinpointing aims and choosing a trainer and education in guidance of them, and most importantly, how to figure out no matter whether the education can be assimilated into true software. Though prior books have been penned about martial arts and non secular exercise, what tends to make this work absolutely distinctive is that those people functions concentration on only the “art” or exercise facet and not the “martial” or real looking software facet. Thanks to this, the widespread perception about martial arts that has turn into synonymous with non secular exercise is that only the “soft” types that are properly trained little by little, with a mandate that they never actually be applied, can be viewed as a meditative exercise, and that the “hard” types that emphasize fighting are not only not conducive to meditative exercise, but are very little additional than mindless violence. This assumption is challenged by a dialogue of the variation concerning violence and the use of force as it relates to The Buddha’s training of “cause no harm”, discovering the widespread misunderstanding that meditative moments are exceptional to only decide on functions, and describing why the accurate examination of a martial artist’s talent and of a Buddhist’s software of mindfulness is during a scenario that is the minimum conducive for it. Constructing upon the dialogue of these problems, the work carries on with a detailing of the authors individual simple software in regard to how he “does” Buddhism, and then concludes by defining enlightenment and the black belt, and addressing the most widespread misconceptions about them, in distinct, that they are not the conclude effects of one’s exercise, but the beginning.

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