The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude

Sunday, November 20th, 2016 - eBook

Do You Understand the Goodness & Bounty of Existence?
Are you Grateful for the Gifts that Surround You?
Imagine Making it possible for Grace to Rework Your Spirit.

The Gifts of Grace & Gratitude consists of stories of twenty-6 impressive females who’ve picked out to stay in the natural beauty of lifetime even just after suffering from some not-so-ideal times and from time to time downright horrific lifetime occasions. They’ve navigated their way by important, lifetime-altering transformations by dealing with their issues head-on, creating tricky decisions and aware variations, and relocating ahead with grace, intention, and integrity, albeit from time to time in excess of numerous several years or from time to time kicking and screaming. And now, they obtain them selves grateful for the multitude of supportive folks, lessons, blessings, and advancement along the way.

Sharing their very own hero’s journeys, these authors glow the way for you to maneuver your very own trials, strife, and angst, to see the natural beauty and goodness that rise from the muck, and to inspire and encourage you to make the strong decisions you envision for your very own lifetime.

If you appreciate a superior heart-to-heart and treasure a fantastic story, you will be numerous times blessed as you read through this e book.

Alexa Individual
Ana Conlin
Beatriz Schriber
Carmel D’Arienzo
D Lee
Darnell Gouzy
Diane Rivers
Filomena Concia
Ilona Holland
Jane Moresco
Kathleen Burkard
Kathleen Kraskouskas
Kathy Sipple
Kathy Fyler
Klara Goldy
Linda Albright
Linda Jalving
Marilen Crump
Martha Venditto
Mija Cameto
Nicole Mas
Stacy Forrest
Sue Urda
Surabhi Kalsi
Tracy Carlson
Wanda Buckner

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