From Chained To Changed: Break Mental Strongholds …

Sunday, April 9th, 2017 - eBook

The elephant is the largest, strongest land animal on the planet. Why, then, do elephants allow themselves to be shackled by humans? The answer is simple: they’re trained from an early age to accept bondage.

In From Chained to Changed, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Tracy Spiaggia argues that humans suffer from a similar affliction. We are all born with incredible potential, yet we let our past hurts become the chains that dictate our present and future, living burdened by external and internal limitations.

Justifying unhealthy behavior based on past suffering won’t make us happier. In fact, the opposite is true. That mindset will leave us chained to our past and prevent us from ever being free. It’s always our choice to remain in our old patterns or find the courage to live differently. Drawing on both secular and biblical wisdom, Spiaggia offers guidance for anyone feeling weak, lost, or overwhelmed. In short, she can help you break your chains.

The Bible is filled with stories about second chances. It’s never too late to turn your life around, and it’s never too late to be remade. Opening your heart to the power or God’s love is the best place to start.

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