From Illusion to Enlightenment

Saturday, February 18th, 2017 - eBook

I am mindful of how deceptive text can be consider the spiritual route, as an instance. There is no route, but this no-route has to be walked to understand that it does not exist. The gulf of separation is an additional instance there is no gulf of separation, but we have to cross the gulf to understand that it is the intellect and the mind that created it. We enable that go and bingo–no gulf of separation.

If you dwell what you understand from this e-book, you will transcend as a result of the several landmines that litter the landscape of the unsuspecting spiritual adventurer. I have walked the very same, or similar territory that you are strolling. Now, I stroll freely, simply and joyfully. With this e-book as your guide, you can also.” -Michael J. Roads

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