No one is poor it’s all about standard: Everything…

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 - eBook

This book is about my experiences with wealth and what I have observed throughout my life, and it brought me to a strong conclusion about our ways of seeing people. There‚Äôs nothing statistical about it, but revelational to those who understand. The truth is in the ones who have lived this revelation containing love, joy, peace, hope, etc… In writing this book I want to write about everything that is truthful concerning human perception of our economic situations. I want to stay away from religion, but embrace all that God deems virtuous and true. I will in some cases have references to the book in which all things are true, the Bible. This book is mainly informational, elaborating on the standards that we should cultivate, but it also contains some short stories on how I have arrived at the conclusion that a highly esteemed life is all about standard and not about monetary conditions. A short story of my life is included at the end of this book as of what propelled me to write these words. In this reading, everyone will agree that every subject and every standard can be expanded into a book. Everything is compressed for the purpose of understanding instead of elaborated narrations or preaching. I trust that you who have the Spirit of Truth to understand what you read for wisdom. John 14:26

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