Once Upon a Lost Girl

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 - eBook

Please join the author as she shares with you the unforgettable and inspirational true story of one woman’s fight to find herself in the midst of all the turmoil and heartache in her life. Her story starts at the tender age of twelve when she painfully sees her mother lying in a coffin. From there, she and her two siblings are abandoned by their father as alcohol numbs his pain of the loss of his beautiful wife. The children are eventually sent to live with their mother’s sister but the twelve-year-old child was separated from her two siblings and made to go live with her mother’s brother and family. The author will share with you how in just one moment this young girl’s whole life is changed into a life filled with hardship and struggles trying to find her place in the world. This young girl survives great losses, abandonment, molestation, rape, and abuse in every sense of the word. She comes to a time in her life where she faces her haunting past which takes her through a major depression. Join the author in the story that will have you cheering for this young girl and wanting to know just what happens to that lost and messed-up child of twelve. Oh, and one last thing, I know this story to be true because the author is that little girl. Yes, I am that little girl and I share my story with you in the hope that I can help others find their way to a life filled with faith, hope and love through the ways that I found myself. Without my faith in God, I truly believe I would still be that lost little girl of twelve. God bless you all for reading my story.

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