Open Passages: Doors and Windows to the Soul

Sunday, June 4th, 2017 - eBook

In a tender yet poignant voice, Susan Frybort shares a collection of life-affirming passages that invite us to step out from wooded shadows and into the clearing of a fresh, new day. Inspired by her own reflections and overcomings, these empowering meditations and affirmations recognize life’s milestones and struggles as vital passages to transformation and restoration. Each experience becomes yet another opportunity to deepen in vulnerability and authenticity. Susan’s words of encouragement will awaken long-forgotten dreams, offer lasting reassurance, and echo a resounding ovation to what it means to be human.

Those who read this remarkable book will feel deeply seen, honored in their humanness, and comforted in their challenges. Begin to see life as ever unfolding; a place where the blessings of growth and expansion perpetually flourish, where natural beauty abides, and where you were never meant to be bound by past regret or fear. These pages will peacefully open your eyes to new perspectives while gently opening the door of your heart.

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