Residue: Surviving and Overcoming the Stains of Ge…

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 - eBook

Debbie London takes you through her life journey of pain and confusion to freedom, and shows you how her tribulations were linked to generational curses and soul ties. Filled with anger, feelings of unworthiness, insecurity, and the need to prove herself…Debbie had enough —she was adamant about working to figure out why she had so much emotional baggage and a seemingly unprovoked way of being. Many people are unaware of the attachments on their lives passed down from others or created themselves. Debbie’s victorious journey is sure to assist you with peeling back the layers of your life, confronting the lingering issues head on, and moving forward to a place of healing and restoration. Not only is this an easy and captivating read, but you are given practical ways to self-heal through journaling. Are you ready to go beyond the physical surface to unlock the issues that are spiritually confining you? Is it time to sever the links of generational curses and soul ties? If you said “yes,” this will help you start healing from your past and live a life of peace. Grab your journal!

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